Miracle Sauna: 4 Person

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The most effective far infrared saunas available.

Please note: We have upgraded the door handles from stainless steel to traditional wood handles.

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Feel Vibrant with Miracle Far Infrared Saunas

Miracle Saunas offer maximum therapeutic results. They may assist in lowering blood pressure and may aid in weight loss.

How to Assemble


Carbon Panel Far Infrared Therapy
It’s important to know that the Miracle Sauna combines Carbon and InfraDeluxe emitters that efficiently emit high infrared emissivity heat which improves infrared benefits.

Low EMF Technology

Safety is our top priority. The Miracle Sauna Q.C. test carbon and full spectrum emitters for low EMF. Our carbon and full spectrum emitters test almost zero EMF and electromagnetic fields.

Our promises is that your safety and effectiveness with each individual heater is within safety regulations.

SA-Signature Infrared Sauna
Easy 1-2-3 Assembly

Miracle Sauna Quality controlled manufacturing, you will not find another far infrared sauna as beautiful. Miracle Sauna offers construction, 33 percent thicker wood than the industry standard and are commercial grade for extra durability. Miracle Saunas are made from certified wood that is sustainable, adaptable to high temperatures and extremely durable – perfect for high traffic use.


Easy 1-2-3. No buckles used or visible like other makes of sauna. Miracle Sauna assembly process keeps the stability and strength of the sauna, while allowing you to easily slide the walls together, into position making Miracle sauna simple set up and take down. Miracle Sauna is as strong and durable as clips, buckles or screws, but invisible making the Miracle Sauna look beautiful.

Deluxe Bench 

The Miracle Sauna bench is made of solid wood for ultimate comfort and strength. Bonus is that, if you don’t want to sit, no problem, benches can be removed.Make use of floor space for stretching or yoga poses.
SA-Signature Infrared Sauna
Mood Lighting
Soft interior lights add an intimate ambiance yet provide enough light for reading. All Miracle Saunas come with colored lights to enhance the ambiance and mood.
Easy to use Sound System

Premium Sound system is intergrated into the control panel, either via bluetooth or usb. Simply pair your smartphone to the Sauna control panel and start enjoying the moment. 


Choose your favorite music, close your eyes, and drift away while enjoying the health benefits of the Miracle Sauna.

SA-Signature Infrared Sauna

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Miracle Sauna:

1 Person

SA-Signature Infrared Sauna

Miracle Sauna:

2 Person


Miracle Sauna:

3 Person


Miracle Sauna:

4 Person


Miracle Sauna:

4 Person Corner


2 reviews for Miracle Sauna: 4 Person

  1. Joanne DM

    I absolutely love my new infrared sauna! Time passes by so quickly and by the time I’m done I’m drenched in sweat!! Good bye toxins! I feel so refreshed and alert after each session. My skin texture has improved dramatically and my family and friends have noticed a big difference! I highly highly recommend the sauna!!!”

  2. Fiona Julian

    I cannot believe how inexpensive this sauna is for the value! After just one use I slept like a baby! My best friend owns one as well, as swears by it for detoxification. I can’t wait to use it again!!

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