Our saunas are some of the best and most economical on the current market. We are new in the USA and New Zealand but have been in South Africa for more than a decade. We are committed to providing the best customer service during and after your sauna purchase. Since we are now in the USA, we are learning with each purchase made, and we will continue to improve with feedback given by our customers. Our customer care agents are committed and ready to help you through the process from the time you purchase until installation is complete. 

Miracle saunas include both Carbon and Full Spectrum Low EMF heaters. Our far infrared sauna models also feature a soft-touch controller, Bluetooth, USB & AUX (for music). There is an air vent on the roof, two mounted sound speakers, interior reading light/s, chrome therapy mood lighting, and a “non-burn” wooden door handle. (As per our website)

Weight Loss:  In a single sauna session, you can burn up to 600 calories. That’s equivalent to 30 minutes of rowing. Infrared saunas accelerate your heart rate, which in turn burns calories. In addition, the infrared penetrates the skin and breaks down fat and water pockets. Some unsuccessful people with dieting find success after using an infrared sauna. For those with physical limitations, saunas can be a great exercise alternative. 


Increasing the body’s natural immune system: A sauna session causes a brief and minor body temperature increase. This is similar to the body’s natural defences against bacteria, microbes, and infection. 

Shipping is FREE and includes driveway delivery. We use lift gate delivery for our customers’ convenience. Our handling time post receiving the order is two days. We use the best freight available in the USA. You will receive your sauna within 6 to 10 business days from the placement of your order (Shipping timelines may change in case of any natural disaster or unavoidable circumstances).

Our saunas are made of allergy-free Hemlock. This is one of the popular types of wood used to produce infrared saunas. Hemlock wood is more resistant to shrinkage, which means that the life of our saunas is extended compared to other kinds of wood. In addition, Hemlock reduces the occurrence of cracking and splitting. Hemlock is non-allergenic, non-toxic and has little to no wood aroma making it beneficial to your body and creating an enjoyable atmosphere for any user.

Miracle Sauna assembly is easy! It takes about 60 minutes to complete, following easy step-by-step instructions.

For Miracle Sauna 1, 2, 3 & 4, click the below link: https://youtu.be/Bheu1rDvy38 

For Miracle Sauna 4 corner, click the below link: https://youtu.be/lk3EPwLhtW0

Infrared saunas are not designed for outdoor use. Therefore, they should not be exposed to the elements. A covered porch may be a suitable location in warmer climates if the sauna is protected from the weather. However, exposing your infrared sauna to outdoor conditions may void the manufacturer’s warranty and is not recommended.

We have five models in Infrared and 2 in hot rock. Model wise sizes given below:

– Miracle Sauna 1 Infrared (MS1FIR) – 35 x 37 x 77 inch

– Miracle Sauna 2 Infrared (MS2FIR) – 47 x 42 x 75 inch

– Miracle Sauna 3 Infrared (MS3FIR – 59 x 45 x 75 inch

– Miracle Sauna 4 straight Infrared (MS4FIR) – 71 x 49 x 75 inch

– Miracle Sauna 4 Corner Infrared (MS4FIR) – 59 x 50 x 24 x 75 inch

– Miracle Sauna 2 Hot Rock (MS1HR) – 59 x 45 x 75 inch

– Miracle Sauna 3 Hot Rock (MS2HR) – 71 x 59 x 82 inch


All are Saunas are pre-made and ready to ship, they only come in the dimensions and configurations as shown above and cannot to be in custom size.

Our saunas are safe. Non-toxic water-based glue is used sparingly in our saunas, mainly at the joints. The wood cabinet is expertly nailed and hand-sanded to a smooth, natural finish. Our saunas have been scrutinized and tested at the highest levels and electrically certified by ETL Labs.

Miracle Saunas using Far-infrared have a very low EMF level. 0.4.

Miracle Sauna Maximum temperature is 30~65° Celsius/ 80-149° Fahrenheit. For maximum health benefits, the optimal temperature setting should be between 100° F to 140° F. Recommended session times are between 30 – 60 minutes. Still, you can go longer when acclimated, depending upon your health level.

1) Ambient Temperature: 30~65 Celsius/ 100~140° Fahrenheit

2) Comparative humidity: ≦85%;

3) Atmospheric pressure: 700hpa~1060 hpa;

4) Power & Plug (MOST IMPORTANT):

– Miracle Sauna 1 Infrared (MS1FIR) – 50hz & 110V

– Miracle Sauna 2 Infrared (MS2FIR) – 50hz & 110V 

– Miracle Sauna 3 Infrared (MS3FIR – 50hz & 220V (Electrician required)-Single Phase

– Miracle Sauna 4 straight Infrared (MS4FIR) – 50hz & 220V (Electrician required)-Single Phase 

– Miracle Sauna 4 Corner Infrared (MS4FIR) – 50hz & 220V (Electrician required) – Single Phase

– Miracle Sauna 2 Hot Rock (MS1HR) – 30hz & 220V (Electrician required)

– Miracle Sauna 3 Hot Rock (MS2HR) – 50hz & 220V (Electrician required)

For HOT ROCK SAUNA: If you are not a licensed electrician who knows how to do wiring according to local electrical codes, please hire one. They will have to hard-wire the heater to an electrical source. You’ll need to tell them: “It will require 220v power. The 4.5kw and 6.0kw heaters require a 30 amp breaker and 10/2 wire, and the 8.0kw heater requires a 40 amp breaker and 8/2 wire. So the light will require 110v, 15 amp service.

For Hot ROCK Sauna Oven Heaters: 

If you are not a licensed electrician who knows how to do wiring according to local electrical codes, please hire one. They will have to hard-wire the heater to an electrical source. You’ll need to tell them: “It will require 220v power. The 4.5kw and 6.0kw heaters require a 30 amp breaker and 10/2 wire, and the 8.0kw heater requires a 40 amp breaker and 8/2 wire. The light will require a separate power cable to feed 110v, 15 amp.


For Far INFRARED Sauna:
1&2 person sauna is 110v -plug into wall plug 3&4 person sauna is 220v – plug into the wall plug.

There are no hot spots, and the heat is more evenly distributed throughout the sauna cabin. Carbon panel heaters are the newest technology, and the heating elements have been proven to last much longer. Infrared energy is safe and is also highly beneficial for our bodies and currently used by physicians and health professionals around the world.

Traditional saunas use steam to heat the air inside the sauna, which heats your body until you begin to sweat.

In order for this to be effective, temperatures must reach upwards of 190 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Infrared saunas only need a temperature from 100° F to 140° F to obtain the same effect. These lower temperatures make the environment more enjoyable while allowing you to breathe easier, thus creating a much more comfortable and satisfying sauna session. So far, infrared saunas use 1/3 of the electricity of a Hot Rock Sauna Oven, making them more cost-effective.

We have one year on the structure and all electronics from the invoice date. Contact us if you ever need a sauna part to be replaced within the warranty period. We will send a new part to you promptly if available in stock. We will not ask you to spend money to send in the original part first or make you pay for the parts return shipping to you.

The wood outside of the sauna has a finish. To clean it, use a damp cloth.